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DARX Admin Pro® Control panel's Main Features

Learn the features of our DARX Admin Pro ® Control panel. The admin panel can help user-related functions, such as providing insight into user behavior, dealing with profiles that violate the site's terms and conditions, and tracking transactions. But you should know that admin sites are not just limited to user-related tasks. The admin panel (usually logged into from /admin) is where new pages, blog posts, categories, tags, sub-pages, to-do list and custom content types are created. ... In short, the admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. This is the key to how a content management system (CMS) works.

  • Password Enabled Login Portal
  • More prottected with Second Authentication PIN
  • Create Sub Admins and Reports of Admin Log Details
  • Reports of Page Views and Visitors Tracking
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